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We are happy to inform you that we have set up online payment for your convenience. So if you are registering online, you can pay online through paypal. . After making the payment using paypal, you have to wait so that the browser will redirect you back to the CMA website, then only you will get the email confirmation . Otherwise you will get confirmation from paypal only. If you get payment confirmation from paypal only, then please contact Alwin Shikkore at

Chairperson :
Dr. Sibil Philip
Cell: 630-697-2241
Website :
Dr. Swarnam Chiramel
Cell: 630-244-2068
Tech Support :
Alwin Shikkore
Cell: (630) 274-5423

President: Joshy Vallikalam, 312-685-6749
Secretary: Leela Joseph, 224-578-5262
Treasurer: Shiny Haridas, 630-290-7143

Please note that the last date to receive registration is April 15th, 2022 which means we should get the payment and the registration form by that date.

No registration is complete without receipt of payment.

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